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January 15, 2008


Stephen Vaughan

I want to thank Road Runner and Simple Star....for letting me create "Rose of Sharon" in honor of my wife, who died 1-25-2008 . . I don't know how I picked the pictures I did, over a 2 day period, while waiting for her to be brought home from Pittsburgh, then to Chapel Hill, and finally home.
My photoshow has drawn incredible accolades...but, it is a sensative photoshow... but Hat's off and God Bless you all, for creating a vehicle that indeed was easy to use, and a blessing to me, as her funeral was closed casket, so I had a "Rose of Sharon" room, in which I showed the photoshow, with Irish Music playing in the background (as I didn't want a teary eyed crowd... I chose that.

God Bless all,
Stephen Vaughan

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