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November 07, 2008


Rurik Halaby

Just too bad. Some decent improvements with Roxio PhotoShow Online over PhotoShow but so many messups. For instance, you cannot vary the speed of the show on a slide by slide basis. Another is that you cannot control the size, color, or location of the text. A third is that it is difficult controlling the title page. Plus other issues indicating lack of atention to detail. Frankly you get the feel it is a typical Roxio product: SLOPPY. ruik@halaby.net


Not to mention a very handy feature lost after Roxio started with Photoshow: the ability to trim video clips. That´s why I prefer to use version 5 while Roxio works on this feature again. Common Roxio, this was a big downgrade to this fantastic software!!!

Daniel Guadagnola

I have been using Photoshow5 for some time now and was dissapointed with the Roxio version, but with the recent updates is is quite ok EXCEPT for the "add your own music". which I liked with the old version...we can only add 1 song, so if you have 100 photos, the same song is always repeating. It would be nice if this was corrected.

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