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June 10, 2009


Patrick Kelly

That sounds great. Will you be able do everything that you were able to do with Nero PhotoShow 5 Deluxe with Roxio 5 and 6.

The PhotoShow Team

Yes. Roxio PhotoShow 5 is exactly like Nero PhotoShow 5 Deluxe. PhotoShow 6 is an all-new product that matches the web site authoring experience, so you get the same styles & content both online and on the desktop.


When will these updates for Photoshow6 be available?

The PhotoShow Team

We are working on it right now. Should be within 2 weeks.


Can more then one picture be inserted on a slide?

The PhotoShow Team

In our current styles, each slide is one photo.

David A. Smith

When will the photo slide duration be available and will multiple MP3 music be available like in Nero Photoshow 5 delux to Premium members?

David A. Smith

How doyou move newly uploaded photoshows to your member site into the photogalleries like you could do in Nero Photo show 5?

Also, how do you set privacy directives in the members web site for individual photoshows?

The PhotoShow Team

Photo slide duration is available now both on photoshow.com and in PhotoShow 6.

Multiple music is coming soon.

For Privacy settings and Adding to Channels, go to the page where you can view the show (the watch page).

There, you can add any show to a Channel by clicking the "Add to Channel" link on the bottom right of any page where you can watch the show.

Click the "Privacy Settings" to change the settings for that show.

David A. Smith

If photo slide duration is now available, how do you access it?

The PhotoShow Team

On the Styles tab, there is a control called "Speed." Instead of Automatic, select "Per Photo" then use the controls in the preview area to set the duration for each photo.

Janice Stacy

I currently have Roxio Photoshow Version 5. If I download Version 6, will it create any problems
with Version 5. I want to be able to burn my own
DVD's. Is that the only reason I should update
to Version 6? I had so much trouble getting
Version 5 to work properly, I am petrified to mess it up.

Janice Stacy

Is there a limit as to how many pictures can be
put into a slideshow. I just finished one with
over 350 pictures and it works okay on my computer. Can I burn a DVD with that many pictures?


I used the Roxy Photoshow Premium to create a 245 slide photoshow. Put multiple music tracks using the old Nero. But I have not been able to upload to the web page or burn a disk. Help please!!

The PhotoShow Team

The best place for questions like this is usually the forums (click the link at the bottom of any PhotoShow.com page), where lots of users post questions and answers.

You can put 400 photos in a show and yes, burn it to DVD.

If you are having problems uploading or have a technical support question, our team can help. The support page is: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/photoshow/


I'm glad you can control the speed of each photo, but you can't control the individual transitions. Will this be a new update at some point?

The PhotoShow Team

We will be sure to add that to the list.

David A. Smith

What is the status of multiple MP3's?

The PhotoShow Team

Actively being developed right now. We're really excited to be able to release this, but it's a lot of work. We're expecting 3rd week of August.

David A. Smith

How can I extend the time for individual photoshow slides to appear beyond 10 seconds. 10 seconds is a bit short for information slides within the shows that explain what people are seeing.


The PhotoShow Team

The current limit is 10 seconds. Can you describe the example where you would want more than 10 seconds?

David A. Smith

I hike throughout the intermountain west. On many trails there are information signs about nature, geology, history etc., that I photograph and put in my photoshows. The average reader would take more than 10 seconds to read many of these info signs. Check out my website at: www.photoshow.com/ardenworks and open 2007 gallery. There are many examples of this in those shows.
Also, I have come up with a way, though cumbersome, to put multiple MP3's into a photoshow. Google: mergemp3.com the download is free.

David A. Smith

Any time frame on being able to extend photo frames beyond 10 seconds??


The PhotoShow Team

Hi Dave, I'm assuming you got my separate email to you. Regarding timing, I can't commit to a specific date but I promise to add this to the short term list for the team to work on.

David Smith

How are we doing on the multiple MP3 issue? How, or can we use, random transitions for individual slides, and can or will we be able to control the transition speed?

Thank You

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