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June 10, 2009


The PhotoShow Team

Hi Dave, did you see the latest blog post? You can now add multiple MP3s online. Desktop coming shortly. I cannot comment yet on transitions or durations.

David Smith


How are we coming on desktop for multiple MP3s?

How are we coming on random transitions and durations greater than 10 seconds?

Dave Smith

The PhotoShow Team

Hi Dave. You can download the latest version of PhotoShow 6 on your account page. It has support for multiple MP3 files and library tracks.

We don't have support for controlling individual transitions at this time, but if you select the style that has the transitions you want, you can change the intro title to the particular graphics you want.

Mark {Collage Frame}

Wow, this is fantastic photo software, simple apps. Actually this is my first time seeing this tool, so glad to have found it here :) thanks.

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