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August 24, 2009



I am using your free trial version. I would like these new features. Should I wait to purchase or purchase now and get updated?
Daughter just married and want to send to family and friends in photoshow. Will it play on home dvd player on TV?

The PhotoShow Team

If you purchase now you can use these features immediately on photoshow.com. The PhotoShow 6 desktop application (the upgrade from the trial version) will be updated with these features in about a week.

Once we update PhotoShow 6 you will be able to burn a DVD and play it on TV. Or, you can order a DVD online and it comes with a custom jacket cover and disc label - makes it easy to ship it as a gift.


How do I add music straight from my itunes library? I have tried and can't get it to go. Help! I do not have an mp3 player!

The PhotoShow Team

If you have downloaded songs from the iTunes store, they are in AAC format which we do not support yet. If you are ripping songs from CDs in iTunes, choose MP3 as the format in the iTunes settings in order to be able to use them in PhotoShow.

Vicki Dean

I have missed the auto update.....

How can i get the multiple music tracks update????

Thanks in advance

Julius Monge

I am very pleased that you listened to user comments and initiated the improvements most usefull in creating a show. I have had one in waiting for a month to finish.


It is about time we have the ability to add multiple songs - that will increase my use of it a lot - thank you!


GREAT, thats what I wanted ..multi music tracks!
It makes my photo show more exciting!

john graf

Why do I get a runtime error when making a photo show


I purchase Roxio creator 2010 which includes photoshow 6.0 but I don't have the combined music and photo tab. Is there another way to add multiple songs?

The PhotoShow Team

Hi Brenda. The version of PhotoShow included with Creator should be auto-updated soon, but you can get the latest version 6 from your account page and install it at any time.


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Thanks! I am very pleased that you listened to user comments and initiated the improvements most usefull in creating a show.

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