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October 05, 2009


Darlene Leonard

How do I get updates for my Roxio Photo Show 5 that I have?

The PhotoShow Team

You can get the latest version 5 on your account page, however, there have been no updates to that version in at least 6 months.



I love my Photo show 5. I don't like using Roxio #6 because it locks up my computer ALL the time and takes for ever to complete making a show. #5 does not have any of those problems. Its quick and simple to use!!

The PhotoShow Team

Linda, I'm sorry you're having trouble with version 6. Have you submitted a support ticket or called support to get help?

Esther L'Espeance

Do you plan in the near future for Photo show 6 to be compatible with the MAC?


I too love my photo show 5. So easy to use. I do however have to edit using other programs as it doesn't offer much in that regard. I wish new music and editing features could be added to it. I have Roxio 6 but almost never use it. Fay

The PhotoShow Team

Esther, of course you can use PhotoShow.com with the Mac in any Mac-supported browser. As far as a PhotoShow 6 application for the Mac, this is a possibility but I can't comment on future products.


please photoshow 6 online is NOT comparable to desktop photoshow 5

the online version 6 is known as photoshow lite

they are not the same product

do not edit photoshow desktop with the online editor meant for the lite version

David Bridel

Is there a limit on the size of my Photoshow that is uploaded to my channel? I am trying to upload a photoshow but it wont. It says that it is up-loading but it dosen't appear on my channel when it is finished. The file size is 312,450 KB

Paula Isler

I hate PS6. It messes up my entire computer when I'm on the site. The print, font and photos become SOOO enlarged, that you can't view the page. When PS 6 is shut, my computer goes back to normal. I've contacted help from the support group, but nothing seems to work. How do you add your own MP3 on PS6?

The PhotoShow Team

David, there is no limit on size, just on number of photos & videos (400).

Paula, I don't quite understand the issue you're describing, it almost sounds like you're using a High DPI or Easy Access setting in Windows to enlarge the screen. Have you checked those control panels?

A quick guide to adding Music to PhotoShows can be found here: https://blog.photoshow.com/photoshow/2009/10/adding-music-to-photoshows.html

Phoenix Video Production

Nice and nifty program. Handles all media files flawlessly.


I hate PS6. It messes up my entire computer when I'm on the site. The print, font and photos become SOOO enlarged, that you can't view the page. https://www.fullmediafire.com

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Gail B.

I'm trying to burn my photoshow to a dvd using PHotoShow 5 and after it finishes preparing and begins the processing it says "failed to export" but doesnt give me a reason. HELP! I've tried rebooting, cleaning up my computer for more space, etc. No video in the photoshow. Only one song about 3.5 minutes long. I used my own MP3 song. I created a photoshow in December and it worked fine. what's wrong? I need to burn this by tomorrow to send for my niece's b-day party.

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