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October 06, 2009



Can you send this photo show to your friends via the email


I meant can you send a photo show via the email with your own ripped music?

Jean-Luc Michaud

Can you still send an Email with a photoshow with music?


How to upgrade from 5 to 6 without further charge Thanks, Charles

Dan Sorkin

I transferred (ripped)an album of music to Windows 9 successfully but I cannot find it to use in the PhotoShow. I clicked on MY MUSIC but it was nowhere to be found. How can I solve that problem?

Richard Beasley

Very disapointed with 'Roxio' as an old user of 'Simple Star' (lost when my hard drive crashed)witch I thought I was downloading when in fact it is 'Roxio'. I had built several High School year book's clips & Posted them on my Web-Site (dc-fifties.net), click on Eastern High. When I changed how I edited my Site I lost most of my clips. Using 'Roxio' will not allow me 2 do the same project as I did in 'Simple Star' Roxio only has 2 kinds of extentions, none of them works as a stand alone clip. Simple Star's extention was .swf & worked perfect no amount of time downloading the clip. What can U do 2 make this work?????


The PhotoShow Team

James and Jean-Luc, yes you can send PhotoShows with MP3 music via email (it actually posts the show to your member page then sends the email to your recipients with a link to the show).

Charles, not sure I quite understand your question, but if you are using PhotoShow 5 today, that still works with PhotoShow.com. If you are already a premium subscriber you can download PhotoShow 6 on your account page.

Dan, Windows Media Player defaults to ripping music as "wma" (Windows Media Audio). You'll need to change the settings to rip music as "mp3" in the options. Then you will be able to import it into PhotoShow.

Ritabe, I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem you are having. If you are trying to publish shows to an external web site, you can use the "Post" option under the PhotoShow to copy the Flash code and paste it into your blog or website. If you need more help I recommend submitting a support ticket so that someone can answer your questions.

Debbie Burgess

why can't I use my ipod music in Photshow?

Sandy Brockel

My photo show is not working so I am not sure if I even got this survey from you I paid extra year before last to have the capability to burn DVD and when I went to use it to burn a DVD the last time it did not work ...

Tanya Miller

I am a Premium Subscriber and currently have Roxio PhotoShow 5. When I was trying to download Roxio PhotoShow 6 from 'my account' page it would upgrate only my online version. How can I download Roxio PhotoShow 6 to my computer?


betty davidson

i am a premium member and i just downloaded the version 6 upgrade, how do i use my own music/ i do not see anything that allows me that option, also, having a hard time uploading photos for a new photo show and how can i rearrange the photos to suit the show i,m making? this seems to be even more difficult to use than the old one and have never used it because the thing is way to difficult compared to other photo shows!! come back simple star!!!

Joan Stone

I started with simple star and feel the same as previous members have stated, I loved simple star. I have continued with photoshow 5 to get more music, most of which sucks. I've downloaded Roxio photoshow 6 and tried it a couple of times only to go back to photoshow 5. I prefer the way p/s 5 is set up and p/s 6 had glitches I couldn't correct, like a random picture starting the slideshow instead of the one chosen. I've just updated p/s 6 and will give it another go to see the new improved version and see if I can download mp3 music. I love doing slideshows to share with family and friends.

Tanya Miller

Does PhotoShow 6 allow setting a duration time for each individual photo and editing the video files as in PhotoShow 5?

Melba E Royer

It is posible to make one DVD with more than one fotoshow?

The PhotoShow Team

In regards to the question about iPod music, iTunes downloads and rips music in AAC format, which is not supported at this time. You can get MP3s at Amazon or eMusic, or you can change the settings in iTunes to rip music from you own CDs in MP3 format.

In regards to the question about more than one PhotoShow on a DVD: No, sorry that is not possible at this time. (But it is on our wish list, too!)

In regards to the comments about PhotoShow 5, we know that long time PhotoShow users are more comfortable with this application. We have added many of those features into PhotoShow 6 and continue to make improvements. For example, PhotoShow 5 never allowed you to share shows with MP3 files online, but PhotoShow 6 does.

The PhotoShow Team

In regards to the question about setting durations: Yes, PhotoShow 6 allows you to see specific durations for each photo.

Thomas Powell

My program is saying it is running a script in association with these photos, that is why it is running slow.....
Nero Photoshow was twice as easy to use????


No era Nero PhotoShow mais fácil ptg em td

Carol Robertson

I am A "Simple Star" fan, Roxio crashed when uploading as well, I hesitate about updating to Roxio 6. Is it really new & improved?????

Linda Smith

Why does Shutterfly not allow me to transfer my photos to Roxio p/s? It did initially, but now I get a prompt that tells me sign in has expired and please try again??? It won't let me in at all...am I missing something here?

Lewis Blumenberg

I already have version 6 but don't have the options you're referring to.
As far as more than one song per show.
Do I need to download version 6 again for the upgrades?
Lee B

The PhotoShow Team

Linda, we had a problem with Shutterfly import a few weeks back, but this was fixed around the time of your post.

Lewis, PhotoShow 6 will check for updates, but you can manually check by selecting "Check for Updates" from the help menu. You can also get the latest PhotoShow 6 or the legacy PhotoShow 5 from your account page online.


I am a new user to Roxio and I must sa I am VERY VERY dissapointed. This program I find to be way to difficult to use. I will be packing it up and bringing back to Costco's. Waste of money in my oppinion. My movie maker on my Vista PC is head and shoulders better. Roxio might have all the bells and whistles but if you cant get them to work or have no idea how it works what good are they.

The PhotoShow Team

Hi John, sounds like you are talking about a different product (not PhotoShow, it's not available at Costco). Very sorry to hear the Roxio product didn't meet your needs. If you haven't tried our support pages I encourage you to do so.

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Can you send this photo show to your friends via the email

Posted by: james | October 09, 2009 at 06:03 PM

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