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February 10, 2010



Are the new music tracks available in the PhotoShow 6 Desktop software as well?

The PhotoShow Team

Not yet, but they will be soon. We will have an update to PhotoShow 6 shortly.

John A. Smith

So, this all looks wonderful, but how do I download these new features to my existing PhotoShow v 6 application on my computer? I see all these nifty new features on the on-line version, but I purchased the program and a premium membership so I could do my work off line and burn my own DVDs. I've asked for help from Roxio Tech via E-mail, but so far no response. Also, how come Roxio did away with the ability to edit photos that was so nice in version 5 and is no longer in version 6? I've asked this question of Roxio Tech at least 3 times in the past and no one has ever responded.

Kay Matthis

Are the new featured 500 songs and ablity to use itunes avi.for Photoshow 6 yet?

The PhotoShow Team

Sorry that you have not received a reply from Tech support, John. The new music and bubbles will be available soon in the desktop version. Basic Photo Editing is also coming soon.

rod groslin

im with john A. Smith,where is all the extras so I can start making photo projects.Rod A. Groslin. june 8 2010


this is a great post thank you for being so kind and sharing these 500 new songs, I will download them right away and then I will listen to some of them and tomorrow will listen to the rest!

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Good to see you had fun - and managed to photograph some tricky mittens!


I've asked for help from Roxio Tech via E-mail, but so far no response.


Great to be made aware that there are so many new songs to choose from. That is excellent news

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