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May 17, 2010


John A. Smith

OMG!!! Be still my heart. FINALLY Roxio has added back in some of the wonderful features from Version 5 that were excluded in Version 6. THANK YOU, Roxio!! I now have a little bit of faith that someone out there really IS listening.

Pam Burton

I can't seem to get excited about any of the changes. I haven't been able to get into my roxio photoshows since I got my new computer! :(


How can I use this program to upload a large number of photos for a photoshow without downloading them to my hard drive? Can I put tem onto a flash drive and run them thru it?


I would be interested in learning if Barbara has received an answer about downloading to the hard drive. How do I find out?


I would like to edit photos into different folders on Photo Show, cannot see how this is possible?


I would like to have different back grounds where ever i like without having to choose certain layouts to be able to do this.I would also love it if there could be a play button at start when bunrt to dvd instead of i dvd instantly playing and maybe chapters would be a good idea as alot of other programs have all of these features and alot of gorgeous backgrounds to add in whereever you like. I would purchase one of these but my partner just bought me this one with a 2 year membership and i would feel mean if i now changed.


I purchased the Roxio Premium and i cant get the photo editing Please Help


just downloaded it TODAY and there is NO Edit Photos button on the Music & Photos tab. just Preview and Set Cover Photo.


To Helen & Rich:

The function is only available online when you use it on www.photoshow.com



and what happened to being able to choose the exact color you wanted for your captions, not whatever color a particular style has attached to it?


I love all the special back grounds and effects included in Roxio Photo Show 6 but it is very limited on just chooseing basically the same setting for your entire photo show. Will you be making your special backgrounds, themes, transitions etc... available soon similar to the way Photo Show 5 is where we can edit our own photo/video clips and we can pick and choose where we want features to go rather than having to have the same background/theme set for the entire show?
Is this available for purchase anywhere?

Jenny Ricardo

I love the Roxio Photo photo Show but I hate the restrictions for example:No choice, but to use the same theme for all my picures; I am not able to edit my photos. Can't read the title because it's over a picture. It would be nice to have a menu of chapters and most important a "Start" button. So far the updates are great but unfortuntley I am not able to get them all. Why!


The new photo editing feature does not show up on my PhotoShow application. Is there something I need to install? I have all the updates. I use XP with sp3.

Linda westley

I have the same problem. I don't see the edit button under the music & photo tab & do not have a pencil to click on.
What do we need to do to fix this problem?

Linda Als

I just purchase the Roxio Photoshow 6 today on line (10-15-2010. How can I get this feature added on to my purchase


Linda, If you read the responses, you will see it is for the on-line version only. You can do all the editing on-line and then download it as a PhotoShow or as a mp4 file if you want to do anything more with it.


I am having issues with emailing my show to my friends. It says they need me to invite them but if I send the show what is this invite thing?

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THANK YOU, Roxio!! I now have a little bit of faith that someone out there really IS listening.

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Just released today! Now you can edit your photos when making PhotoShows online. Crop, remove red eye, adjust levels, and autofix photos. It's easy and fun to use, and your PhotoShows will look even more polished.

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This is good. I would like to see an edit feature where I can get the pan and zoom go where I want it to go, rather that an "intelligent" auto mode that often veers away from a face to nothing in particular. For example it will start at a face & then zoom down to the concrete sidewalk or pan away into an empty wall. We need more editing power as well as more special effect overlay introductions.

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